Hello, it’s Hema!

Welcome to Hello Hema where I share some of my travel adventures, food & cooking experiences, and local adventures. Travelling has always been a part of my life with family trips being part of many of my early memories: road trips from my home in Canada to different parts of the United States and annual trips to Trinidad & Tobago to visit family.

For me, travel adventures can be to a different country hours away, the next province over or even a trip to a nearby city. It doesn’t have to be far away to be a fun trip!


We visited family in Trinidad almost every year in my childhood and many of my favourite memories involved food. Does anyone else remember when the airplane snack was a piece of real cheddar cheese and crackers? As a child I looked forward to the in-season fruits: sour green plums, chenet (known as guinep in other parts of the Caribbean), sweet mangos and of course a freshly opened coconut for the coconut water and jelly from a vendor on the side of the road.

Road trips were exciting for journey, the destination and the pit stops for food. They still are! Even now when planning a road trip I look for interesting food stops along the way.

Your journey is unique

make it your own